Yes quitting is hard, but I bet cancer is harder

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Apr 1, 2017

I am not far in my quit, and it has been hard, but when get weak and think I can't do this, I tell myself " You can do this, quit whining already!  If you think this is tough, how the heck do you think it is to endure cancer or any of the other diseases  "  " So pick yourself up already and keep going "  " there is no quitting on your quit, that would mean quitting on you and your life , ain't happening "   


 Sometimes we think this is real hard, and you know it kinda is. But I have seen people fighting much worse in life, they're truly fighting for their lives.   That brings me back to the reality, I'm quitting smoking, not dying and fighting for my life. So I'm pretty dang sure I can go this. Actually I take that back, I'm going to do this!  We don't want to be at the point where were told we're sick and don't have much time left .  Be grateful for what you have, take a look around you, pretty good isn't?  We came to this site because we were fed up, we were out smoking and looking at our cigarette and saying ' I just wish I could stop this '  ' I can't do this anymore '  .  


So here we are, don't take this site for granted, you were guided here for good reasons!  I myself am eternally grateful for this site and all of you!  So here is to N.O.P.E  (Not One Puff Ever)