Felt good to cry it out!

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Mar 30, 2017

Well, I'm feeling much better this morning! It felt good to let it all out yesterday, tears and tears and more tears.  I have just felt so out of sorts since I quit smoking, and not sleeping so well. So I think all of that just built up inside me and I needed to release it!  I got a good night sleep!  I knew I wouldn't smoke yesterday, I was just getting exhausted listening to my addict mind, but this is the first time I quit and last more then a day, so no way am I ever going to let myself go through this again! And I tell myself  " You would rather go through this now, then go through something much worse from smoking later in life "   " So suck it up and keep moving forward "   


So I want to say thank you to all for the continued support!  Without you all it would be close to impossible for me!  With a lot of prayer and your support I am doing this!  Well I am off to get my photo done for my passport renewal!  Enjoy the day all! hugs!