Protect My Quit!

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Mar 29, 2017

Having a tough morning, nothing to do with smoking, but all the stress is adding up!  I just kept telling myself ' protect your quit, protect your quit '  ' Don't let anybody or any stress screw up your quit '  ' stress is there whether you smoke or not '  Breathe!  Just the normal stress's of life over here, but for some reason this morning was just tough!   The addict in my mind won't seem to shut up this morning, and I keep thinking maybe this isn't a good time to quit! And then of course the other part of me says ' oh hell no, I am not going through all of this again so you can have a frigging drag '   


So that is my morning! I did get a run in before all this hit also, so I'm not sure what was up, but I'm here blogging and things have calmed down.  Just needed to vent!