It helps to understand the addiction!

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Mar 15, 2017

Well things have been going real well during this first week of quitting, I am actually quite surprised! Of course I have the cravings at the certain times I would have usually been going outside for a smoke, and the triggers, so I have been just telling myself ' NOPE ' (Not One Puff Ever) , and I'm taking it one second at a time. Seconds have turned into hrs, which have turned into days. I've been going for 2 to 3 mile walks everyday, and still doing a lot of reading on this addiction! The more I read about it, the more I don't want to smoke ever, keeps me in touch with the deadliness of this addiction! I haven't touched any nicotine replacements either!  I had plans to, but for whatever reasons, I haven't touched them, and that's fine by me! 


Reading the blogs on here from the ones who have quit for awhile now, is giving me a lot of hope.  those blogs are getting me through this difficult first week, because I believe them when they say, that this will get better, just hang on!  So I'm putting my faith in them and God , and hanging on, so I too can live without nicotine controlling me anymore!  So thank you again for sharing!  

 Oh by the way, I had started to notice that food tastes awesome again!