Grateful for now having the tools

Blog Post created by gardenancy8 on Mar 8, 2017

I am so so grateful for all the support on here! I am learning navigating through this site, which is keeping me busy I must add, but a good busy. lol   I am going to go and read the info many of you have shared with me, tonight. Being a stay at home mom can get lonely at times, my kids are 12,15,18,23 and the ones who live at home still are quite busy with sports right now, my husband brings them to their practices. So lately I've noticed I have a lot of alone time, I have severe anxiety, have had it since the end of high school, I am so much better then I used to be, I just get very scared being in a car or buses etc... so I don't drive. I spend  a lot of time with my dogs outside and gardening!  So with all this time on my hands, I've been able to reflect on my life and how I want to live it now. And that is without these disgusting cigarettes. So finding this site has been a God sent for me, I have prayed and asked the angels to guide me to something that would help, and here I am. Trying to stop without help was like going scuba diving without all the gear, I would panic and of course not make it to my goal.  Now that I am found this site and all of you wonderful souls, I now feel I have the tools and gear to help me along this journey!  I don't want to be controlled by them anymore. This is why I am excited that I now have this site to guide me and give me ideas, like what to tell my brain when having a craving, what to do to keep me busy etc..... So tonight I am going to be reading the sections you recommended to me today. There is so so much to read and go through, but in the days ahead I will doing this and learning, so I have a plan. So thank you again for being here and thanks to God for guiding me here.