6 Years ago Today

Blog Post created by freeneasy on Jan 6, 2019

   I smoked my last cigarette. That was a Saturday too. It was sunny, windy and very cold. Today it's cloudy, rainy and warm for early January in Pennsylvania.

   I had intended to quit 2 days earlier but cheated and smoked 2 cigarettes then 2 the next day and 3 on the morning of my quit day.  My motivation to quit came because I had a 2nd surgery for a detached retina and I knew smoking was not helping my recovery. I found this site about 5 days later and spent a lot of time here. Time well spent.

   I took a hard fall back in March and got a detached retina in my other eye. Thankfully; surgery worked the first time. 

For much of 2018, I couldn't see much at all for much of the year. The entire time though, my main thought of smoking was "I'm glad I don't do that anymore".

    Just one last thought. If you're just starting out on your quit journey have confidence in yourself. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. You made the right decision. Life is way better without it.Better for your body. mind and spirit.

Jim quit 01/05/13