Pre-quit Reflections: Community

Blog Post created by freakfrehley on Nov 7, 2019

I've set my most recent quit date for Friday, November 15th and am wanting to spend time until then reflecting and educating myself. In my previous quit attempt I used Chantix for about 3 months, which worked great while I took it and for a little bit after, but I didn't follow up with any other vigilance, relying mainly on my success with the drug. 2 months after, I got a strong urge to smoke during a sudden hailstorm on a long-distance car ride, and it's been downhill since!


This time around I am planning to stay on Chantix for 6 months instead of 3. I'm spending more time seeking out literature such as the Alan Carr book and Nicotine Anonymous literature. I'm also really interested in finding support from other quitters, but there aren't any in-person groups in my area. That lack is what led me here. Aside from the daily quit pledge I don't interact here much, but it seems like there are regulars, and there seems to be encouragement to engage with the community. I've also been phoning in to Nicotine Anonymous meetings which generally have a positive and supportive vibe to them, but I haven't yet participated vocally. My impression is that what you put into these types of forums is what you get out. So, I'm trying.