"Tell her what she's won, Johnny!"

Blog Post created by forgivememyheart on May 25, 2020

 So glad YOUNGATHEART reminded me to focus on WHAT YOU GET when you don't smoke.  I think the little bugger spoiled-brat-addict tries to keep the mind on thoughts of deprivation.   Let's see, by NOT doing something, I get:


1. To live

2. To be comfortable

3. To wake up inspired

4. To be clean

5. To simplify my life

6. To be honest with myself and everyone (instead of a big fat liar)

7. To really INHALE life through my nose and into my lungs

8. To be on the same page as my body

9. To have more precious time 

10. To lay in bed at night with no regrets


What am I forgetting?  Let's make a giant list to share with EVERYONE.     Send me your thoughts and I will compose it and share it.    Love you all.  DK OXOXOX