Rough Day

Blog Post created by fentresssa on Jan 31, 2017

Today has been a rough day.  I tried to go get my driver's license updated and they denied me.  They denied me because my birth certificate does not show my married name which it wouldn't.  I have been have been married twice but I didn't change my name back to my married name.  So they want my divorce decree but it doesn't have my maiden name on it why I don't know.  So I showed up with lots of identity paperwork and still could not get a license.  Tomorrow I am going to show my DD214 instead of my birth certificate as an identity document.  It is ridiculous the process that I have to go through to change my name on my driver's license so I can get a job.  It made me want to smoke so bad when I got home.  I walked around the house angry and wanted a smoke for like 30 minutes.  I called my friend and she helped me calm down so I didn't smoke.  I am proud of the fact that I didn't smoke but still very frustrated.