First Day Quit

Blog Post created by fentresssa on Jan 26, 2017

I smoked my last cigarette last night.  I debated not doing it but I thought it would be good to say good bye.  It was kind of like I broke up with a friend.  However I know that "friend" was not good for me.  It has cost me money, time with my girls, and much more.  I have tried 7 times in the last 17 years.  The longest two periods were 2 years a piece.  I quit cold turkey on one and quit using the gum the other time.  I was ashamed when I stressed out and started smoking again.  But today I have been reflecting on why I want to quit.  I had a few cravings today but I fought through them.  I have also received some great advice from people on here that I am excited to try.  I think using the patch and the lozenge occasionally have helped today.  I am not angry or irritable at all.  I even scheduled a doctor's appointment to get more advice on how to stay quit.  I look forward to using this website to stay quit for good this time.  All of the support I received today was immensely helpful.  I look forward to reading more on here and looking at more groups to join.  If anyone reads this I welcome any advice and support.  I also want to extend the invitation to everyone that I am here to listen and be supportive as well. Here's to day one!