My very first crave

Blog Post created by fabulousat50 on Jan 7, 2018

Well made it to the first week of my quit ,every day seemed to go ok no craves, no junkie thinking, I said to myself wow off to a good start, well today one hit me and oh boy did it suck.  Its almost like going into panic mode.  well my schedule on the weekend differs than during the week, and with the weather being so cold here i have been in the house for the weekend, which i don't mind plenty to do.,so i had not put a new patch on this morning and went about my day, well that is why i think that crave hit so hard, so i quickly went and put one on, filled my water bottle, and started to read some blogs, then went and took a shower, put my makeup on , lit a few candles, and phew just with those distractions the crave is gone. wow is all i can say, i did it ,i did not cave to that crave.  NOPE all the way.