Day 19

Blog Post created by epchicago on Jan 30, 2018

It’s been almost 4 weeks since I’ve started Chantix and 19 days smoke free or since my quit date. The urge the smoke is very faded and I can now switch it off. I threw away lighters and washed anything that smelled of cigarettes. But I’d noticed that I haven’t been drinking nor being a social as I used to be. I don’t mind it and kind of like having time to read and focus on me. At least that’s how I am looking at it. I did go to an awards ceremony with a good friend who smokes last week Thursday. It was fun, but after several old fashions I couldn’t resist and did have one. The next day I felt so disappointed in myself, but continued on. It’s weied but I’m actually weighting the pros and cons of not drinking. I know a lot of people don’t like to hang out with non drinkers but I don’t know I feel like I would like to explore other venues of having fun. But who knows. Maybe it’s my mind thinking I really want to not smoke and alcohol always makes it harder.  Maybe deep inside I don’t want to just quit smoking, but in a deeper level I want to transform, take this opportunity to accomplish more than just stop smoking.  


After 4 weeks on Chantix I’m definitely feeling the effects. It’s been hard to get up and I think I’m a bit depressed, but I found out walking helps. So tonight I walked 4 miles in this CHICAGO winter. It felt nice to release all this energy. I feel a little annoyed quickly and not as calm as I normally think I am. But walking and making myself go to the gym has helped. 


Im thinking of telling my doctor and maybe cutting back? But I think I can stick to it for another month. 


I wonder what other people’s experience with Chantix has been?