My Meta Dream

Blog Post created by epchicago on Jan 17, 2018

Today was supposed to me my second day smoke free but I adjusted my quit date to the 10th since that’s when I had my last cigarette in case I wanted to have one more during the week. I never did. However, the interesting thing I’ve noticed is that because yesterday was my “official” quit date the urge was a bit stronger. I really think this is just my mind playing games and being rebellious. 


Somethjng else interesting, in my opinion anyhow, happened last night. I had another vivid dream. But what was interesting about it was that it was a ‘meta dream’. I kinda made that word uo from meta.  In case you don’t know the meaning I’m using. I mean meta as in self-referential. Like you taking a photo of yourself in front of a photo of someone taking a photo of themselves in front of.... it could go on and on. But my dream was a recurring theme of a dream I had last week when they were more vivid. This time I was working on a cruise ship. I think. Where I was supposed to work while it was docked. But it left to a distant city and I didn’t know how to get back home. Well I did I just didn’t have any money to do it. Either way I loooked out and it was the same city I dreamt of last week but in different context. In the dream I remember thinking wow that looks like the skyline of the dream I had last week! It was interesting because I’m intrigued by the details.  


As far as triggers I had dinner with my friend last night and he smoked several cigarettes. I wanted one for a second but then again I focused on something else and it went away. 


Here’s to another day!