Day 16: Chantix and 1 day to quit day.

Blog Post created by epchicago on Jan 15, 2018

Day 16 : Chantix 

1 day to scheduled quit day


Tomorrow is my quit date but It’s been almost a week since I smoked a cigarette.  I really wanted to have one last symbolic cigarette before my quit date but sitting here thinking about it the idea of buying a pack of cigarettes and smoking just doesn’t seem as appealing as it did about a week ago.  I know that part of the reason why I have no desire to smoke is because of the Chantix medication I’m taking but at the same time I am a little worried I supposed that the fact that it is winter and I am not being a social is also contributing towards me not smoking. I’ve been kind of keeping to myself and being a bit more introspective at the beginning of this period. 


 As far as triggers I noticed today that I was a bit tired having slept only four hours last night and this cost me to not only be tired but contemplate strongly having a cigarette but after thinking about the three minute rule I became mindful of it and in a few minutes I was thinking about something else and the desire to smoke disappeared. 


Anyhow for those of you in the US I hope you had a wonderful Monday I and I hope you have a wonderful week. If you find my blog entries interesting and would like to ask any questions feel free I love Q&A’s as I’m sure I will be asking many questions as well.