Day 7, oh the wine (whine?)

Blog Post created by emomma25 on Feb 1, 2017

Here at day 7 and it's hard to believe it's gone as quickly as it has!  Last night was a little rough, I was really missing my glass of wine (or 2) with my smokes in the evening after the kiddo is in bed and I get to relax.  As a disclaimer, I've never smoked in the house so this is all outside smoking :-)  I also had a friend texting me about the good old days ( I guess we thought they were good, they were fun for sure although the smoking wasn't good for us) of going out on the weekends without a care in the world outside of getting stuck in a long line for a burrito at the end of the night.  Ah, burritos....mmm...ahem, sorry about that, back to the post.  I realized that part of what has been really hard for me in the past and even some now is that in some twisted way I saw giving up smoking as giving up being younger and giving up my freedom to do whatever I wanted.  I guess I thought that keeping some part of the habits that I had back then still kept me young even though I know all the way smoking ages you and would likely put me in an early grave.  I suppose that is part of addiction's twisted thinking.  So far I've just been abstaining from any alcohol as it is far and away my strongest trigger and plan to do so for at least another week or so.  Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with the alcohol trigger, how they dealt with it and how long it was before they could take a drink without feeling like they would die without a cigarette?