Dreaming of Cigarettes....

Blog Post created by emomma25 on Jan 30, 2017

I'm at day 6 and feeling pretty good but was just wondering...does anyone else out there find themselves dreaming of smoking?  I don't mean in the "man, I really wish I could have one" sense of dreaming but actual dreams that involve smoking.  As a disclaimer, I've been prone to crazy dreams all my life (just ask my husband, he's heard some doozies and has probably wondered at times exactly what he married into) but ever since I've quit I seem to have a dream every night where I'm still lighting up.  I always feel guilty in the dream and guilty when I wake up and then glad to realize that I didn't actually do it.  Anybody with me here or does the cheese stand alone?  So far the worst one involves the president trying to convince me to smoke, I am happy to report that the dream me was able to turn him down :-)