Weird morning? ♥

Blog Post created by emilyt123078 on Apr 23, 2018

Congratulations on those who are in the midst of quitting and those that are well into their quit. I think that today is a great day to continue and to make that change.  One thing that really has helped me (maybe you?) is that we are independent thinkers. We all have our own way of doing things and thinking through things and that's what makes us unique and interesting, yet smoking doesn't do that. It's one of those things in life that keeps us from being independent in that sense. Smoking creates the illusion that we ARE in control because we smoke, but how is that even possible when the very thing we desire, to be our own unique person is tied to something that keeps us dependent? It seems like every single day I'm being challenged in what means the most to me. Do you feel the same? Even though we have our families and friends, we realize how important our own, personal lives are and that if we take care of ourselves in all facets of our life, we're taking care of the person that our family and friends love. To be who we are deeply means to take care of our independent nature and to stand alone without the need for anything to keep us dependent.  Even when we're not feeling well, we can still control that portion of who we are and not allow cigarettes to have the last word in our health. I hope this makes sense. 

Onto the weird part of my morning......I got up, made a cup of tea, went out on the back porch and picked up a cigarette that my husband had left out on the table. I picked up a lighter, lit the cigarette and then, realized what I had done and smooshed it into the dirt.  WHAT????? What the heck was that all about? I'm going to chalk it up to being tired. LOL

Still, I was in control and I didn't make it anything other than what that was.  Have a great Monday! ♥