Smokeless the bear

Blog Post created by emilyt123078 on Apr 8, 2018

I thought i would take some time today to blog a bit. Next month is a big month. Both my parents passed away and both of their birthdays, along with their anniversary and mother's day is also coming up. I know for sure that my mom would be so proud that I quit smoking. Many years ago, shortly after my mother passed, a woman approached me from my church. I know her, but we're not friends or anything; although she did know our family to some extent. Strangely, as she said to me, "I had the most vivid dream about your mother. She said that I needed to quit smoking. I don't smoke." I wondered if that message was actually for me since the woman didn't know I smoked. I thought that was very odd. 

I might be late with my quit, but I'm doing this for my own personal reasons, but I'm also doing it for my mother who often said she wanted me to quit. Just something that's been rolling around in my head.  Anyway....I'm doing fine with my smoke-free days. I don't miss the smell or taste of cigarettes. I do find myself reaching for lighters, so the brain does take awhile to adjust to new things.  Hope everyone's weekend is smoke-free and enjoyable. 

Need to go for a walk today even though it's pouring.