Day 30 ♥

Blog Post created by emilyt123078 on Mar 30, 2018

Spending the day getting ready for Easter.  It's warming up here, so that helps me get through another day being smoke-free.  The days are getting better and, like those who have just started to quit, you'll be fine as long as you remember why you quit.  It's not easy to give up those stink sticks. I went through headaches, withdrawls, the weirds and everything in between.  I still have cigarette brain and I'm okay with that.  

Remember that you have a lot of help to get you through your quit.  You're not alone. Give yourself a hug today, as I'll be giving myself a hug.  We did good. It isn't easy. No one said it was going to be a piece of cake, but one of these days we are all going to tell those who are just quitting that they can do it too.