Going to be a challenging week

Blog Post created by elvan on Sep 28, 2019

I start my new job tomorrow, it's just as a cashier in the student union at a local university and I am sure it will be fine but I am a little tense about walking across campus to get to my building when it is hot and humid and it is forecast to be the same tomorrow.  After my first day of work, comes Monday when I have to have my husband at the hospital an hour and a half away for cataract surgery.  He has to check in at 6:30, oh joy and rapture.  I HATE mornings but it sounds like I might get to see my first sunrise in years.  He has to be back at the hospital on Tuesday and Friday for follow up appointments.  This will definitely be a challenge for me.  I have a rough time sitting for any length of time because my back is a "train wreck"...I am quoting a doctor in urgent care.


I have not smoked in over 5 1/2 years and I no longer get craves but this afternoon, I smelled phantom cigarette smoke that was so strong I went outside to see if there was someone under my window.  I am SO GLAD I don't smoke any more.


In any event, I may be even more scarce than usual this week but I will be thinking of all of you.


Love you,