Stuff happens

Blog Post created by elvan on Apr 21, 2019

I had a long day at work yesterday and I was really tired...that's my excuse.  I got home, went to the mailbox and got the mail and then went to the passenger side of the car to get some things out that I had brought home.  I was apparently not paying attention and I opened the damn door right into my face...I was wearing glasses which I expected to be embedded in my nose.  I almost lost my balance and God know what I would have broken.  Well, I look like a battered wife now and if anyone asks if I walked into a door, I will have to answer...NO, I OPENED A DOOR INTO MY FACE.  Hurts like crazy, my glasses are killing me because they rest right on the worst bruise, I have a terrible headache and I am going to bed.  I am exhausted and I am so embarrassed.  My daughter asked me if I am covering it with makeup...I told her that I haven't been anywhere and NO, I can't TOUCH it, I couldn't even stand a tiny ice pack on it.


Love you all, Youngatheart.7.4.12 and I are a GREAT pair!