Signing off...marked all as read...even though they weren't

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 8, 2019

I am so exhausted and in so much pain that I seriously have nothing to offer to anyone.  I went to down to the basement twice in rapid succession and I fully expected to go into respiratory arrest.  I am going to the bed...I cannot deal with any more...any more of ANYTHING.  I need sleep, have to work tomorrow and I HAVE to be awake and alert and helpful. It is my son's 33rd birthday and I have nothing for him that shows any thought ...I am not feeling like a 69 year old should be feeling....I am tired, I am so incredibly tired and overwhelmed and I do NOT want to feel this way.  Perhaps a night's sleep will help...PLEASE LET IT HELP.  There is not a point on my body that is not screaming,  I want my mom...pretty odd thing for a nearly 70 year old to feel, I just want to be comforted.


I am so sorry for my pity party, please feel welcome to kick me in the butt...I need you guys, you have gotten me to where I am, my level of fatigue is overwhelming.


I love you ALL...every single one of you...forgive me for being a wimp tonight.

Love and hugs and my very best, any my deepest gratitude to ALL of you.