Long day...ready for bed

Blog Post created by elvan on Sep 23, 2018

If I am not around much tomorrow or the next day...I may be resting, I HOPE I am resting.  I am exhausted and my say was difficult to say the least...my breathing kept getting more and more labored and I had to bend over more than once.  Bending over is really hard since it crushes the lung tissue I have left.  I have to share this photo I took this morning after I got to work...my daughter in law looked down and burst out laughing and said..."Ellen, are you wearing two different shoes?"  Well, DAMN...here I was SO PROUD of myself for getting to work early and remembering my phone and my teeth.  Some days are just not easy....


Hey, they were both black and of approximately the same shape...one had an insert and the other did not which made me limp terribly.  No one else asked about my mismatched shoes...I suspect they did not want to upset the crazy old lady who breathes like Darth Vader.


Love to all...