Update on Pops

Blog Post created by elvan on Sep 15, 2018

I heard from Ken yesterday and he said I am free to pass along to the community how he is doing...


 "I am getting stronger every day. 1 day at a time. Tough sledding here...but I am growing each day.  14 days sobriety today. That is because of my willingness to participate in my own recovery and a strong spirituality based sponsor with 39 years, and the grace of a loving God, that I am desperately trying get to know better.  This sobriety is of paramount importance and I will certainly be back after I have a stronger base to stand on. Thanks again, and feel free to pass that message along to others."


I do believe that he will be back and that, for now, his priority has to be his sobriety, he is deserving of our support and understanding and is not in need of anything more of less than that.


I hope I did this justice Pops