Mike is home, the real challenges have begun

Blog Post created by elvan on Aug 30, 2018

Mike is in a great deal of pain, he has to have eye drops and/or ointment every two hours and administering them is absolutely horrible.  His eyelids are so swollen and discolored and the eye itself is simply bloody...some drops are particularly painful and it is really hard to give them.  He does not stay face down like he is supposed to, I have yelled and begged and cried and threatened and I cannot get through to him.  He either really does not understand or else he is just being defiant.  I have told him that if this does not work, there is a good chance that he will never have vision in that eye.  He SAYS he wants to do whatever he is supposed to do but he keeps turning onto the wrong side, laying on his back which is a HUGE no, no.  Whatever they have advised, he has not done.  The only thing being done as ordered is the medication administration and that's all on me.  I have to work Sunday and if he cannot put the drops in himself by then, I have no idea what will happen...he will have three doses due while I am at work.  Our son is completely grossed out by how the eye looks and he doesn't dare to go near him, not that I would really want him to.  He has a cold so I don't want him here at all.


In any event, thank you all for your love and your prayers...I am getting there, I have done workouts at the pool two days in a row...will probably not be able to tomorrow because of the appointment and Saturday they are having a dove hunt which makes me want to puke so I am not going NEAR that place.  Maybe, I will try to rest Saturday, if I can...my alarm goes off every two hours and, of course, knowing that, seems to stop me from sleeping.


I took this photo in the waiting room at the hospital outpatient surgery center...it is for Youngatheart.7.4.12...she is a great admirer of this animal, hahaha.  I was in that waiting room for over 5 hours and did not notice this until about ten minutes before they took me to the recovery room to see my husband.  I love you all, I appreciate every thought, every prayer, every message more than you could possibly know.



Special thanks to jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 for supporting me and for passing along information.