Alright, this is really embarrassing

Blog Post created by elvan on Jul 30, 2018

I worked yesterday and I came home so tired and in so much pain that I really thought I might just die but, of course, I started a load of laundry, scooped the litter box, and got on here...then I saw a pair of support panty hose on the floor and they were supposed to be in the laundry.  I was really annoyed...I picked them up and went into the bathroom and threw them into the sink with some soap and turned on the water.  I FORGOT to turn OFF the water...I flooded the bathroom AND the basement...my husband has to deal with the basement because I CAN'T...I used every towel I have and soaked the water up, had to wash and dry them AND the rugs that got soaked.  I ended up filling a huge garbage bag with all of the things that were under the sink...mostly makeup that I don't use any more...lotions that I received as gifts and did not like, and other CRAP.  I now have a clean bathroom...I can't WAIT to see my electric bill and my water bill.  Dear God...when you are THAT tired...do everyone a favor and GO TO BED!  The cat kept looking toward the bathroom and the OTHER cat was walking around in it but I was watching TV, decompressing and I didn't HEAR the water running.  Neither did my husband, he came in here and talked to me and went down to the basement...boy did he come upstairs FAST!


Love you all,