Blog Post created by elvan on Jul 23, 2018

I worked Saturday and came home in my usual state of pain and exhaustion.  My son asked me if I would consider moving from Saturdays to Sundays partly because it is much slower on Sundays and also because we do not have to set up for dinner on Sundays.  Once we slow down serving on Saturdays, I get the tables in the dining room ready for the dinner rush and I sweep the room and make sure everything has been cleaned.  I also clean both bathrooms and sweep the grocery area and make sure that the outside tables are cleaned and the porch is swept.  Because there will be no dinner rush, I will not have to make sure the outside tables have been cleaned, I will still do the bathrooms and sweep both rooms but I won't be running back and forth from cleaning to answering the phone and checking people out. It really should be much more relaxed.  My grandson will also work Sundays, that was one reason I wanted to stay on Saturdays but they are moving HIM to Sundays as well.


In any event, I am exhausted and this is my second day off.  I did not get to the pool today because the weather was weirdly threatening.  Of course, when I completely surrendered and decided I would not go...the weather cleared up, at least somewhat.  The humidity is horrible and since I seem to be sneezing and starting a cold...perhaps it is best for me to just take it easy.  I will probably not be on here much longer tonight since I am fighting falling asleep as I write this. 


Be safe and smoke free...