Walmart nightmare...aren't they ALL?

Blog Post created by elvan on Jun 17, 2018

I went to Walmart to get a few things yesterday...seriously, not even a little cart full.  My son also went but we split up because he wanted to look at things I was not interested in and he was not interested in MY purchases.  As I was heading toward the front, I called him and told him I would be checking out soon...hahahahaha, little did I know.  I got to the front and there were lines at all of the open registers and none of them were moving...the cashiers all looked like they were completely confused.  There were SO MANY people in line that I could not believe it.  I chose what seemed to be the shortest line and the couple ahead of me said that the computers were all down and that they could not check anyone out because they couldn't scan anything.  The pharmacy was closed...all of the "managers" were walking around looking apologetic.  My son said he felt like leaving...just putting his stuff down and walking out.  Of course, he is a smoker so I knew he really wanted to go outside and smoke.  I told him that I could not just abandon my cart because it had frozen things in it (as well as hot dogs).  I waited in my selected line and waited and waited and I was honestly pretty impressed that no one was swearing or being downright ugly.  After close to 45 minutes, an announcement was made that if you had items that did not need to be weighed, you could check out in either the jewelry department or electronics.  If you had items that had to be weighed, you could check out in lawn and garden.  I took off for electronics as quickly as I could...I was behind about 7 or 8 people when I got in line.  I had my own bags so I put all of the cold and frozen items in them (too bad I didn't think of that 40 minutes BEFORE).  My son sent me a text that he was outside and to let him know if things really started moving.  Again, I was impressed that people were not horrible...they were polite, many were laughing...the poor cashiers who were not used to checking out anything other than electronics were better than any cashier I ever had up front.  They were laughing and keeping things moving, they were AMAZING.  I got my stuff and got out...much later than I expected but I did make it.  My son said, "Mom, I love you, I really love you but I am NEVER going to Walmart with you again." Hahaha, can't say that I blame him.  He abandoned his chosen items.


I sure am glad that I wasn't thinking about smoking.


Have a great day, everyone.