Bijou is still here...she got a last minute reprieve

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 20, 2018

We took Bijou to the vet...my husband, my son, and me and I paid, in advance for the euthanasia.  I was very clearly a mess.  I took her in a cardboard box with a soft towel in it.  She rallied in the car on the way there and pushed me away from her with her back legs...AND her claws.  She left some pretty impressive marks on my chest. I was amazed that she could do that.  In any event, while we waited in the waiting area, she climbed out of the box and wanted to get down off the bench so my husband set her down.  She walked all over the waiting room while we sat there with our mouths wide open and looking like complete fools.  I approached the desk and the receptionist said it was "vet air"...she said that Bijou was the third patient of the day to miraculously recover in the waiting room.  I told her I wasn't sure she was exactly recovered but I definitely wanted her examined before any procedure was done.  She had lab work and it showed elevated liver enzymes that would be consistent with hepatitis...she has no fever and they could not FEEL any masses.  Her neuro exam was not particularly conclusive but she is a cat and she was not impressed.  They agreed that she has a very odd gait but she always has...she never used to drag her back legs and she didn't drag them today.  The vet said she would like us to consider a round of antibiotics and prednisone to see what happens.  She said to watch her for any seizure activity and that they would add phenobarbital if necessary but she really thinks that she is so young that there is a good chance that this can all be reversed.  I gladly emptied my checking account and we brought her home.  She ate a full dinner after I gave her medication and she is currently sleeping.  She had a very, very active two hours...we arrived before 5:00 and did not get home until after 7:00.  We are ALL spent.  I so hope this was the right decision, I am not sure I can go through all of this again.  I should see changes in the next 48 hours if she is going to respond to the meds.  She wants to see her again in 10 days to 2 weeks and see how she is doing.  She said she is not sure what is going on but she could not believe the change since she last saw her.  My husband and son would have both gone crazy if I had not said, let's do what we can.


I thank all of you for going through this with me, I feel like I am a complete disaster at the moment so I am going to sign off and get some sleep with my kitten at my side.