UPDATE on Oh please stop...BIJOU

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 19, 2018

Bijou grasped my hand in her front paws all night, she had her claws out hanging on, I did bend down to kiss her at one point and she licked my face all over, I am sure it was salty from all of the tears I shed all day.  She has an appointment at 5:00 this afternoon, this morning, she is alert and interested in her surroundings, she has eaten, on her own, and she has used the litter box twice.  Her back legs seem to be mostly dragging, I put down a couple of little rugs to help her get around because the laminate floor is slippery and she needs to use her claws to get some stability.  She is sleeping again now, but she is very responsive, unlike yesterday, she actually played with a shoe string that was hanging from a chair..  I am not sure what the appointment will bring, I desperately want her to get better but I do not want her to suffer because I don't want to lose her...I will keep an eye on her today and will try to be impartial when I look at her...try not to see things that are not there...thanks for all of the love and the thoughts and prayers...the prayers seem to be making a difference.  I am not sure if this was a seizure or a stroke or if she has something progressive going on in her spine.  Please keep prayers coming...for her and for me to have the strength to do whatever is best help me to think of HER and not myself.


Thank you again, ALL of you, each word has meant so much to me...I know that you know how difficult this is and how my heart is breaking yet again.