Beware of obstacles that might be in your way...

Blog Post created by elvan on Mar 13, 2018



Sometimes we placed those obstacles there ourselves...like ME when I moved a chair in my room and I ran into the base of my stationary bike.  YES, it hurts and NO, I am NOT going to the doctor.  I already have two appointments on Thursday and I had to take my husband to the doc on Monday and have to take him again on Friday.  My life revolves around doctor's appointments.  I am working on Saturday, this happened last Friday and I worked all day Saturday, probably partly responsible for the intense discoloration.   


I think it's sort of like quitting smoking when we seem to trip over the most ridiculous things...or we just obsess over them.  I have been quit for over four years now and this site has made that possible.  Every person here wants YOU to be successful...in spite of obstacles.  You CAN do this, just remember to take it one step at a time...baby steps count.  I can walk without TOO pronounced a limp.  The photos are just to show you that you can overcome anything and everything that might happen...


Peace and love to all oh and good night,