Ugly, ugly, ugly...

Blog Post created by elvan on Feb 17, 2018

I had to leave work early because of the pain and I got kind of sorry of the freaked out looks at my forehead.  Started with OMG, "did you fall?" Kept going on most of the day.  Got home and had wicked chills and fell asleep for about an hour...woke up looking worse than before.  The pain is ridiculous and STILL they itch but there is no way I would touch them.  My husband looked at me and said..."You have to go to the doctor."   There is nothing anyone can do...they run their course.  Lots of fluids, rest, stress control...yeah, that's not going to happen.  Just wanted to share my "progress"

with you...I am NOT leaving the house. Really hoping they don't get much closer to the eye.


Mike is miserable, he says he feels terrible and his depression is overwhelming, he cannot stay awake, I told him to SLEEP.  I am hoping he is going to start moving around more.  I will sleep tonight, at least I HOPE I will.  Weather was miserable all day but nowhere near as cold as they forecast so it just rained all day.