Hitting a wall

Blog Post created by elvan on Feb 5, 2018

I cannot even think straight at this point...I cannot sleep, there are too many forms to fill out and they have very short windows of time for me to do that.  I am trying to find all of the documentation that they want and, of course, it is all over the place.  My husband's business is not close to being ready to do taxes this year so they are going to have to base this on last year's Federal return and I cannot imagine how they would have any issues with approving some assistance.   I spent way too much time on the phone this morning talking to family members and I keep telling them that I cannot do this...I try to let one family member know and I ask that they pass along any news.


My husband seems so far out there to me, I cannot tell if he is trying to be funny or if he is really off the wall.  He is most definitely making inappropriate statements, not offensive statements but immature and strange comments.  Once I submit all of these forms...I am sure they will somehow want more but I will feel as though I have done whatever I can.  


Thanks for all of the support, the prayers, the love, and the understanding of my need to be absent most of the time.

I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me.