Blog Post created by elvan on Jan 30, 2018

I got a call before 8:00 this morning from my husband asking him to come and pick him up and telling me what he wanted me to bring.  I told him that he had not been discharged and he insisted that he had.  I told him that the soonest I could get there would be over an hour since the hospital is that far away.  He had no idea where he was...I called the hospital and spoke to his nurse and she said he had a very bad night, he did not sleep at all.  I asked her if he is being discharged from ICU to the step down unit and she said she did not know, the doctors were just making rounds.  She thinks he just needs sleep...seriously?  I cannot take him home when he is confused like this, I cannot handle him alone. I have a bunch of paperwork to finish before talking to their social worker there...it is supposed to happen today but nothing else has happened on time.  I am sleep deprived and in so much pain that I can hardly walk.  My son is going to the hospital with me very shortly.  We will TRY to calm him down...maybe he will be sleeping when we get there....with any luck.


Thanks for all of the prayers...I was astounded to hear that Youngatheart.7.4.12 was released last night after P.T., things have changed so dramatically since I worked.