Mike and youngatheart

Blog Post created by elvan on Jan 29, 2018

I heard from Emily that Nancy's surgery was so late this afternoon that she would probably have to remain in the hospital overnight.  I had sort of hoped she would stay overnight so she would have access to pain control.  Emily said the surgeon said that everything went well.


Mike is very slowly coming around, he is very confused...they have not moved him from ICU because of that.  He did show some signs of orientation today when I was visiting, he is in terrible pain and is having a rough time remembering that he cannot pull himself into a sitting position using the bed rails and he cannot push himself up using his arms either....both of those moves endanger the sternum.  He hates the coughing and deep breathing and they have to do respiratory treatments on him to force him to cough.  He has not walked more than a few steps since the surgery.  They said he is very weak.  They have suggested a Skilled Nursing Facility stay but I am going to let him make that call.  I think he will recover more quickly at home.  I have gotten intercoms for him to be able to call for help if he needs me, I have no intention of being far away and we should be able to get home health care assistance.  We just have to see how things work out.  


I am pushing and pushing and pushing...I spent a great deal of time trying to find a parking place in the parking garage today, four times around over six floors...no handicapped places available.  I ended up having to walk a long distance and having to suck up exhaust fumes.  I have been coughing most of tonight.  I drove myself so I had to walk and walk and walk...normally, that would be GOOD.  Exhaust fumes are NOT good...neither are the cigarette smokers hiding out. One had smoked on the elevator before I got on.  I was infuriated.


Love to all...prayers for Youngatheart.7.4.12