Another update on my husband

Blog Post created by elvan on Jan 25, 2018

I got a call from my son, he says he is spending the night there because his father is so disoriented that he just cannot stand leaving him...he says HE will press the button for the pain pump if he has to.  A few minutes later, he sent a text saying that the nurse who is caring for my husband until 11:00 said HE is fine with my son staying but he does not know about the next shift...THEY may make him go to the waiting room.  He does not know for sure.  Someone outside asked to bum a cigarette and my son said "sure" and then realized he only had two cigarettes left...sorry but that made me laugh.  


I think it is incredibly generous of him to stay...his wife took the car home so he has no car...can't go get cigarettes.  I will admit that I feel better knowing he is there.  My husband is SO OUT of it...begging for help, crying...he is in terrible pain and he is not handling it well.  Our son wants to see if he can keep him sedated until at least this part passes.  He has an incision from just under his chin down to his naval and it is wired together on the inside...holding the sternum together.  The skin is stitched AND glued.  He looks like he has a zipper.  


I want to tell all of you that he quit smoking in 1989...they made sure to tell us that two of the grafts came from his legs but one came from the mammary artery and that ANY form of nicotine would close that artery off.  He has been known to occasionally chew Nicorette gum as a stimulant...that is OVER.  He cannot have nicotine at all.  Just in case you think nicotine is safe...think again.


I am exhausted and in more pain than I can describe...my back is killing me and I have been using a cane so my wrist and shoulder are not happy with me.  I so want to sleep tonight...I hope and pray that I can.  Seeing my husband like that, crying and saying "help me, please" is EXACTLY what he was saying when he had the heart attack and I was trying to get him to the bathroom.  No one at the hospital can believe that I was able to get him there...let alone restart his heart.  Strange things happen, don't they?  My love and thanks to all of you for the prayers.  He will be in the hospital for a minimum of another five days...longer if he has any complications.  I am going to bed.  


Thank you so much, my incredible family.