Blog Post created by elvan on Dec 15, 2017

I am telling you that those motorized carts at Walmart are dangerous!  I walked into Walmart around 5:00 last night and an elderly lady (probably MY age) backed into my heels...thank God I had a cart to hold on to because I would likely have landed on my face.  The pain was so bad that the tears just started pouring out of my eyes.  I felt so sorry for her because I KNOW she was mortified.  I tried to get away as fast as I could because, for some reason, I was embarrassed.  It was hard to walk because both of my heels felt like they were on fire but I managed to get a little ways away before her companion came after me to tell me how sorry she was and to ask if I was really okay.  I told him that "I will be."  I didn't want to make her feel worse.  My son called right after this happened and I told him and he said to please ask to speak to a manager...I asked why and he said that it should be reported...PERIOD.  Well, I filled out an incident report and felt like a complete fool.  This morning, my husband took this picture...boy oh boy do I need a pedicure or one of those Amope things.  One heel hurts much more than the other but I have full range of motion, I just can't put any pressure on them...can't lay on my back in bed, I have them elevated at the moment.  What is it with me and those carts?  This is my second run in in about a month or so...last time, the driver was on her cell phone and arguing with someone and she knocked me into a shelving unit and never even stopped.  YIKES!


If you have to go to Walmart...be careful, apparently it is at your own risk!


It's a jungle out there.