Thanks to all

Blog Post created by elvan on Sep 10, 2017

Thank you all for the birthday wishes...I had a nice day but I am having a really rough one today, there is not a part of my body that is not aching and I am exhausted.  No, I did not drink or do anything crazy to celebrate, I did work yesterday, did not expect to feel this way today.  You know how you feel when you are coming down with the flu and even your HAIR hurts?  That's how I am feeling.  I see my rheumatologist in the morning, maybe she will have some ideas.  All of the tiny joints in my fingers and toes hurt, in addition to the usual.  Probably should take my temperature but I really don't want to know.


I love you all, I am praying and praying for those in Irma's path, maybe that's part of my problem, I can't seem to stay away from the Weather Channel.  My brother and his wife are riding out the storm and my chest feels tight thinking of them and others.  I think Irma is inside of me.


Unless I feel a lot better, I probably won't be getting on here for the rest of today and most of tomorrow.  I just can't handle holding my hands on the keyboard.