Tired, in pain, and so sad

Blog Post created by elvan on Jul 22, 2017

I am exhausted, my back hurts, my sciatica is relentless, and I got news that my granddaughter has been diagnosed with lupus.  She is 19, she is an athletic and beautiful young woman who is a sophomore in college.  Lupus can be devastating to organs including the heart and lungs, so far, she is experiencing fatigue and some chest pain.  She was tested three times at three different labs and the test results were positive every time.  I had to stop myself from crying at work today.  My brother in law is an ER doc in NY state and he graduated from the University of Buffalo, that is where she will be going to school.  I talked to my sister last night and asked her to please ask him if he knows anyone she can see to try to get this under control before  it manifests itself in other ways.  My heart is aching for her, she is named Ellen, just like me, she is the light of my daughter's life.  My daughter has RA, like I do.  I am saying prayers and doing as much research as I can on this horrible disease.  My daughter asked me for my recommendation for a doctor but I have not lived there in more than 22 years.  Any docs I knew have probably retired by now.  My brother in law is only five years younger than I am but he is still practicing medicine and still has connections.  Please include my darling Ellen in your prayers, let them get this under control before it does damage.  I am going to bed soon, I know it is okay to cry...as soon as I get this pain under control, I will try to sleep.


My love to all of you.