Ex weekend photos...no people just stuff

Blog Post created by elvan on May 28, 2017

I took some photos with my phone when we were at the beach...I wanted to capture some different things, there were lots of photos of the people but I didn't see many of the sort of odd things that attracted me so here goes.

The first is the building where the outdoor pool was and I loved the colors, the second was the pool DUCK who wandered around and waited for people to move so he could get in and go for a swim, he was beautiful with his green head and his yellow banded neck.


The next three were taken from DJ and my 2nd floor balcony when the vintage cars arrived for the music festival, my husband liked those pictures the best.


The last two were of a fish in the aquarium at the Shoreline Grill which was the Hotel Bar/Restaurant, that fish was huge and seemed to want me to get a picture from both sides.  He/she was really quite lovely.


I am still in recovery mode from the walking and riding and just being out of my old lady routine.  I THOUGHT I was seeing the pain doc tomorrow but it is Tuesday.  I have had my youngest daughter here since Tuesday and have enjoyed what time we were able to spend together. It was lovely to eat at the dining room table together...my husband and I rarely eat together because he likes to eat after I have gone to bed.


If you have a chance to go to an EX Reunion...by all means, DO IT.  You will laugh and cry and feel like you are with the family you chose!  Best group of people EVER, every single one of them.  The Old Lady Caravan was wonderful!


Love to all,



The rooms around the outdoor pool, loved the colorsPool duckView from 2nd floor balcony when cars arrived to go with music festivalmore cars at festivalview from 2nd floor balcony number threefish at Shoreline Grillfish at Shoreline Grill 2