Couldn't stay away...could I?

Blog Post created by elvan on Apr 13, 2017

I went to urgent care at my rheumatologist's direction, she was afraid that I might have fractured a vertebrae or my hip...I had a number of xrays and there are no "acute" fractures.  My scoliosis is very severe and getting worse and worse...he does not want me to life anything heavier than my purse but said I can work since I am really more comfortable standing than sitting.   The pain is going from my spine to my toes...it is crippling pain but I know that this too, is a journey.. I have to be patient with my broken body and take this one day at a time as well.  I will be able to resume exercising when the pain settles.  Right now, that seems a ways away but I know it will happen. They took my vital signs and my blood pressure is usually very low but it was really high....that was a pain reaction. The GREAT news is that my oxygen sat was 98%, woo hoo!  THAT makes me very happy.  Thank you ALL for the love and the prayers and the support, I appreciate it more than I can tell you.