Blog Post created by dwwms on Apr 25, 2017

Came into work this morning to find a bird huddled next to the building - it's a fledgling that doesn't know how to fly yet. It troubles me - I've always cared about all of creation. I put it in a box and moved it away from the building out of harm's way and I've looked around for it's parents, but I don't see them anywhere. I keep checking on him, hoping he'll learn to fly. I tried to find a wildlife rehabilitator, but it seems they only accept songbirds and birds of prey. I'm almost certain this is a pigeon.

So yes, the bird is helpless at this point and I feel helpless. But what really struck me was why I feel so bad about this bird's life - I mean honestly, pigeons are not my favorite! Yet, I didn't care enough about my own life to quit smoking long before now. The only answer I can come up with is that the addiction had me so tight that I just kept telling myself that I was gonna beat the odds and smoking wouldn't affect my health.

No sense in beating myself up about yesterday, though - the important thing is today I'm smoke free!