Small Rewards

Blog Post created by dwwms on Apr 14, 2017

Of course, there are many rewards waiting once you decide to quit.

Whether they are health rewards, feelings of confidence, monetary rewards, and the list goes on.

One of the main things I've hung onto during my quit is that I am not giving up anything!

There are only positive gains to be had!

So this may seem a small reward, yet it means I'm headed in the right direction. Today, I checked in with my doctor basically to go over my smoking cessation attempt. It felt good not having to make excuses and also no longer coming up with reasons for why I was smoking. But additionally, I was told that when I went in early March (still smoking at that time), my oxygen level was 94%. Today, my oxygen level was 99%.

When I told my wife, she replied "Things are already improving since you quit. I really am proud and happy that you are doing this."

Me, too!!!