Hittin' Below the Belt

Blog Post created by dwwms on Apr 3, 2017

Yesterday was such a positive day - the weather was gorgeous, I'd been able to get out and exercise. Not a problem keeping the little monster at bay until...

Went out to dinner with friends and after eating (a normal time for an urge), the biggest urge I've had yet since I quit hit me. Quickly I drew in some deep breaths, acknowledged the urge, and tried to dismiss it. Wasn't working - so I thought maybe I should step outside and try a few deep breaths outdoors, looked out the window and a group of people were hanging out by the front door smoking - not a good idea to go out right now. Sat there for a few minutes taking a few more deep breaths and then it started to subside. Thank goodness.

Getting ready to leave and when I looked out again, there were still a group of people standing near the door smoking - for a moment I could see myself with them smoking away! Oh that's really hitting below the belt!! I shook my head and tried to replace that image with seeing myself hiking along a trail NOT smoking.

Since last night, I've had that image pop into my mind several times! The little monster is not playing fair!! I've fought it back continuing to see myself in places doing things without smoking - I hope I'm starting to win this battle!

Everyone here talks about this roller coaster ride - and what a ride. Thing is, I never really was a big fan of roller coasters. Well seems like I'm on this one, like it or not!! WHEEEEE....

And I ain't getting off until the ride is over!! NOPE!!