A New Day, A New Month, A New Start

Blog Post created by dwwms on Apr 2, 2017

First off - No, I did not relapse. I'm still going strong with 11 days of freedom!!


The reason for blogging is that last week was a bit rough. There weren't any times that I seriously thought about getting some sickerettes, but let's just say, the little monster & I had a LOT of conversations last week. As you well know, he's full of lies, misconceptions, tricks, demeans you, etc. - All in an effort to get what he wants. If one thing fails - he'll find another and over and over.


I was laid up for 2-3 days this past week with an episode of gout (I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy - except maybe the little monster!!). Laying around is not me - my wife comments that I always need to be doing something. It is a rare day for me to lay around and do nothing all day. I kept the chatter down quite a bit by staying on this site and heeding the advice that I could watch comedy on TV. I chose to have a MASH marathon (the DVDs are in my collection - it's the only TV show that I have on dvd). It worked really well.


What didn't work was lack of exercise - I'm use to taking the dog for a walk of 2-3 miles every morning and walking around the park from time to time during the day. It's not a big park (about 3 acres), though it is pretty good size for a park located in downtown and at least it keeps me up and moving throughout the day. Exercise is a great way to keep your spirits up - physical activity increases serotonin in your brain which directly affects your mood. Seems without it, I tend to feel down and start feeling bad about myself.


"Oh, here's my chance!" I can just picture the little monster saying as for the next couple of days it seemed to be a near constant barrage of "reasons" why quitting was not working out and you really should just give it up. Too bad, little monster! You lose, again!


By yesterday, I was no longer feeling any signs of the gout so I made sure I went on a long walk and did so again this morning - aah! feeling much better! The signs of spring are upon us and spring always makes me glad to be alive - this year I'm glad to be alive and smoke free!! The birds singing always brightens my day and other signs of spring as well including probably my favorite 2 trees (at least in the springtime), the dogwood and redbud. Hope you enjoy!


Happy Spring!!