First Milestone!!

Blog Post created by dwwms on Mar 29, 2017

Today, I celebrate my first milestone - ONE WEEK on my journey to knowing true FREEDOM!


As I celebrate this milestone, I am quite aware the journey is just beginning. I've been here at this point numerous times before, looking for the answer to the destination only to be thwarted (by you know who!) off the trail.


There are many paths seeking the ultimate destination. But one must not focus on the destination, one must experience the journey. Will I ever reach the destination that I seek? Depends on how I define that destination. If I think that I can completely erase 40 years of smoking, then no, I will not. If I think I can find peace - living and accepting life without needing a crutch, only occasionally being reminded of the addiction, acceptance of myself and all those years prior, then that's well within my grasp.


I cannot be in an hurry though - there are lessons to be learned all along the way. At times, the trail will be rocky and steep, I may even encounter a cliff; at other times, it'll be flat and serene with streams and waterfalls. I need to keep myself open to all the lessons, so I do not forget once again which trail I yearn to be on and the summit I wish to reach.


There will be plenty of other milestones and I look forward to all of them - one month and entering No Man's Land, then coming out stronger and wiser. When I notice my lungs are starting to heal and I'm not as easily out-of-breath. Six months will certainly be a plateau. The time when it occurs to me a whole day went by without thinking about smoking. And then will come the day I join the 6% club. But again, I cannot hurry, nor can I be anxious for what's next until I reach it.


Gratitude comes to mind. I am grateful for where I am now. I must embrace the challenges that lie ahead knowing they are making me stronger. And always remain grateful for where I am and where I've been. I must make sure that along my journey, I have everything I need in my backpack (aka toolbox). The determination to go another mile, the support and knowledge from others who have traveled before me, and my personal compass to keep me on the right path.


I am grateful to all of you here. Those who have blazed this trail before me, willing to share their experiences, wisdom and knowledge, those who are nearby, close to where I am along this journey, and also to those behind - I am hopeful I can share something with you.


I will give thanks every night for being smoke free,

I will remind myself every morning how great it is to be smoke free...

lest I get lost in the wilderness again.




(I know this is 2 blogs related to hiking - sorry, it's just one of my main motivations to quit for good!)