Hiking Freedom Bound

Blog Post created by dwwms on Mar 25, 2017

 So halfway through my first week smoke free! I know I'm taking liberties with how we count, but I couldn't help but feel like today was my hump day through the first week. As of noon today, I had 3 1/2 days behind me - it felt good, particularly because I went hiking.Could be the first smoke free hike I've taken since I was in the Boy Scouts (I'd prefer not to think about how many years ago that was! 45 ).

I was excited, though not as excited as Cory-dog (his name is Cory, but I usually call him Cory-dog).


Several things entered my mind throughout the journey - like how I'd stop to catch my breath and smoke a sickerette. Used to joke with others about that - I'm guessing the little monster was really laughing. "Yeah, I got you right where I want you - I'm taking your breath away and your joking about it." Well today, the joke was on him. It felt good to turn the tables around. No, I can't say I breathe easier than last week - it's too early for that. That's a future REWARD as I continue on this hike to freedom!


The hike was to Twin Falls - two waterfalls in close proximity. I'd been there twice last year and read that in the winter time, one can see both of them at the same time since the leaves are off the trees. Sure enough - spectacular! Sat down to take a break and let Cory play in the water. Sure a craving was there, not too strong though. Instead I focused on how nice it was to not worry about whether other people were around because I wanted to smoke. I'd always move off to the side so I didn't offend anyone - didn't have to worry about that today.


On the way back to the trailhead, Cory was pulling me (still full of energy - he's sleeping soundly now though!) and I found myself telling him again to slow down - take it easy on an old man. I corrected it to take it easy on an old smoke free man!


Yeah, after I got home, the cravings returned. You know, the so-called reward after a long day. That's okay, I'll wait for the reward of being able to hike longer and steeper without being so out of breath. Feeling good - I'm dealing with the cravings & urges - and ready for the remainder of this first week.