Recognizing What It Is

Blog Post created by dwwms on Mar 24, 2017

Hadn't really planned on writing again this morning, but I can't say it's off to a good start.

This is only the third morning without the little demon and it was tough when I first got up. Here's what I think I've learned thus far:

There is a difference between cravings and urges. Cravings are just there, that's the way I felt when I got up. They're not strong, they just want to hang around. Usually, they're easy to ignore. Just focus on something else. Urges are stronger and they come out of nowhere. You're not even thinking about it and BAM! it's there. Those don't hang around too long, it's important to acknowledge them (actually both of them), breathe deep, chew gum, whatever you need to do, but that strong urge doesn't last too long.

Then there's the mind games (the little monster talking to you). Oh this morning - he tried to convince me that the reason I couldn't get it into gear and focus was because my little helper wasn't there! "If you had me, then you could focus to get your day started." HA! I thought on it for a second and told him - I don't think so! Recollecting my prep work tracking my sickerettes, at least 90% of the mornings, I'd write down that I felt lightheaded and/or foggy after my little (so-called) helper. The REAL reason I couldn't quite focus this morning is because my routine has been shaken up - that'll pass.

Took my morning walk with the dog - birds were singing welcoming Spring, made me start focusing on what a beautiful day to be free - don't know where my day is headed, but I do know I can do this! I want to do this! I have the knowledge, the determination and I also have the support! Thanks!