Finishing up Day 2

Blog Post created by dwwms on Mar 23, 2017

I'm nearing the end of my second day of freedom - my attitude is still in the right place and so it's going pretty good. I see people during the day smoking and really rather than thinking I'm missing out on something, I rather feel sorry that they need to smoke. Of course I've had some cravings today, but nothing too bad - except one. I took the dog for a walk after work around town and we'd gone to his favorite store - Three Dog Bakery! (No, the dog isn't spoiled  ). When I came out of the store, out of the blue, it hit me hard. I wanted one (I used to smoke when walking him around town). I stopped, acknowledged the urge, and then proceeded across the street. Surprisingly, across the street was a dirty ashtray on a table. Man did it stink!! Kind of surprised that I noticed just how disgusting it was - wouldn't have day before yesterday.

Thanks again for all the support!