My new habit is walking.

Blog Post created by donpauli on Jun 2, 2017

Over fifty days now. Wow. I have cravings in the afternoons and sometimes feel like I have extra time to fill which used to be filled with smoking. I am not around smokes, smokers, smoking and at $8 a pack I can avoid them. If cigs aren't close by then I'm not tempted.

I have kept up with a six day a week walking goal or at least twenty minutes a day. That's a new positive habit that replaced a negative habit that I have made a daily priority. Lost some weight too.

When I see someone smoking now I feel sorry for them. They are chained to a very expensive bad habit and I know exactly how they feel. Think about all the butts you used to throw in the landfill. Now I think it's disgusting. Do you know how many butts I see on the ground during my walks? 

Be thankful everyday you remain an EX. You can do it too.